Social Activities

KITP Soccer Game

There will be a soccer game at 3pm on Wednesday October 3 during which we are required to field a team. Please sign up at KITP Soccer Match to play.

Here are a few fotos from the game. The camera was new and I had not
fixed the time/date right! Sorry for that.
Apart of the final score, you can feel the intensity of our team...

soccer SB_1.jpg
soccer SB_0.jpg
soccer SB_2.jpg
soccer SB_3.jpg
soccer SB_4.jpg
soccer SB_11.jpg
soccer SB_7.jpg
soccer SB_5.jpg
soccer SB_10.jpg
soccer SB_9.jpg
soccer SB_8.jpg
soccer SB_6.jpg
after soccer SB_12.jpg
At least we had style. Who could dispute that?

Group Dinner

Next group dinner Thursday, Sept. 26:

Flavor of India
3026 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-6561

It's 10-15 minutes by car from KITP. I'll make a reservation for 7pm, so I suggest carpooling from KITP at 6:30pm.

Please sign up before 3pm Thursday
To sign up write your name below here (click on Edit on the right up corner and then Save), indicating:
-if you have a car and how many extra seats you can offer
-if you need a ride
-the number of additional people coming with you

Patrick Brady (car with 2 empty seats)
Jolien Creighton
Haris Apostolatos (need a ride)
Samaya Nissanke (has car, but will not return to KITP after dinner)
Cole Miller (need a ride)
Riccardo Sturani (need a ride)
Ian Hinder (need a ride, would also appreciate a return trip to Hollister & Puente afterwards!)
Mark Scheel (have 2-door car, could take 3 more people)
Collin Capano (need a ride)
Larne Pekowsky (need a ride and a ride back to KITP)

Beer by the Beach Friday (BBF)

We are planning to get together on Goleta Beach (just next to campus) to have beers (yes, the BBF organizing committee checked with the park and it is allowed) on Fridays, starting at 5:00PM. Bring your own drinks (the organizing committee allows for non-beer choices) or, if you don't have a car, put your name below and preferences and we will get them tomorrow when shopping and can later collect some money.

-- The BBF organizing committee

Sign up here for Sep 21:
Larne (Please pick me up a Telegraph White Ale or some other local beer that looks interesting.)
Cole (will supply own root beer)

Beach BBQ Thursday August 23, 6pm

At Goelta beach park. Please sign up by 12pm on August 23.

Sign up here (and indicate the number of guests) and indicate any dietary restrictions (i.e. if you're vegetarian)

Duncan (+1 guest).
Lehner (+1 adult/2 kids)
Mark (+2 adults/1 kid)
Enrico (+2 adult guests)
Raffaella M. (+2 guests)
Ian (+1 adult)
Richard (+2 adult/2 kids)
Laura (+1 adult/3 kids)
S. Liebling (+0)
Alessandra (almost vegetarian)
Atish (+1 adult, +1 child)

Jazz & Folk Music

SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club .They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Hiking info from atomixrays10.

Local Events

1st Thursday

Visit more than 30 art venues, talk with artists, view exhibits, listen to live music, and create art yourself.
Downtown S.B. will once again open its doors to the public with 1st Thursday, a celebration of arts and culture. You are sure to find an evening full of entertainment as you visit over 30 art venues to talk with artists, watch demonstrations, view exhibits, listen to live music, and create a little art yourself.

Sport Activities

Anyone interested in swimming/running (maybe biking if nice bikes available for renting) or playing some sports like table tennis or soccer at the Rec.Cen. of UCSB !? Drop a line here or pop up at my office